Laura Bull, M.A.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Painful life experiences may cause us to lose connection with ourselves and in our relationships. Those who remember life before the pain desire to regain this sense of connection; others long to feel this sense of connection for the first time. I assist clients in finding a safe, stable place out of which they can experience deep connection with others and themselves. Nothing gives me greater joy than participating in this journey towards becoming unstuck and experiencing growth, freedom, healing and self-acceptance.

I completed my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia and have been working in private practice since 2011. I am also a clinician with the Veterans Transition Network, as such I deliver programs for veterans transitioning out the military across Canada. The program is intended to address the barriers to transition, which may include symptoms of PTSD, an OSI, relationship issues, a sense of isolation and/or stuckness. My work experience has included assisting adults and adolescents presenting with issues such as relationship conflict, grief & loss, crisis, anxiety, depression, repeated childhood trauma, abuse, eating-disorders, self-esteem, issues regarding sexual identity and dissociation.

Although I enjoy working with a wide range of presenting issues, I have specializations in working with early childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, men’s issues and with first responders.

My approach to counselling involves establishing a safe and supportive therapeutic environment as I assist individuals in resolving the impact that their painful life experiences have had on their current functioning. I assist clients in reclaiming or finding for the first time tools for a more satisfying life. I incorporate a variety of expressive and experiential modalities in order to provide a safe space for individuals to process parts of their story that may be difficult to express in words.

I have done a variety of training following my Master’s degree, including: Observed Experiential Integration (OEI) levels 1 & 2, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for individuals (3 years), and AEDP for couples (1 year), specialized training in running groups for civilian and military populations, and a variety of 1 day trainings with a focus on complex trauma and dissociation. My thesis research focused on men’s experience of couples counselling. The process of interviewing participants for this research has left me with a specialization in connecting with men in the counselling setting and greater understanding of the unique challenges men face when attending counselling.

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